200,000 Subscribers Managed

Limited Time and Limited Access : Sells for $6,500

This package includes everything in our "self-managed" packages, plus our managed services. You will have 200,000 subscribers with built-in sending managed by our team.

200,000 Unique email subscribers delivered to your account inside our email manager platform.

Due to the size of these lists, we will attempt to send 1 email per week to the "bulk" list which is the main subscribers list. This all depends on the sending available and queues we have in place. As for the "openers" list there is not restrictions, just using the same policy we have for others as in one email sending and one email pending.

Export anytime, Full statics on emails and subscribers.

We will watch your lists and if the unsubscribes/bounces are high we will replace those.

Access To Earn Avenue plus all announced bonuses!

This is a SINGLE payment with no addition payments required on this transaction.

* 90 Days sending included, at the end of the 90 days you can extend sending or just use the account to store subscribers. You will have access to your account still - don't worry!

* All our automated inbound campaigns are non-refundable. Please do not purchase if you are not able to manage a payment of this size at the moment.

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